Training available from Summer 2019


Want to start your own multi task cleaning business ?

Learn to clean carpets, upholstery, oven and deep clean

No premises required but ideally a garage or shed for storage

Low start-up cost 

Earn £600 to £800 a week with up to 90% profit on average, ocassionally you can earn over a £1000 per week.

What jobs to accept for maximum earnings.

What you need to get your customers trust.

Know your products for every type of surface cleaning.

Learn your skills from my past mistakes

Where to buy all the professional products at the lowest cost

Learn every techniques to clean the most stubborn grease, dirt, black mould & stains.

Important areas to focus for satisfactions

Know how to price each and different rooms between deep clean and general clean.

How to service, upgrade and repair machinery yourself without paying a company costing you an arm and a leg.

What to do and need when arriving at a house with no hot water.

Types of products to use for maximum cleaning and most important, efficiency

List of products to clean every jobs

How to accept virtually every cleaning jobs when a customer asks, I rarely turn down a cleaning that I cannot provide.

How to modify a machine to be as powerful as you like.

How to deal with chancing customers.

Includes 26 modules to read 


Full day training for ONLY £239, include test and CPD certificate

Training will be at your home.