What To Expect From Your Oven Cleaning Service ? 


When it's time for your service, we will arrive at your place with everything necessary to make your cooker shine. The equipment includes sponges, stainless steel scourers, soapy pads, professional cleaning scrapers and specialised cleaning solutions. Also, the technicians bring a special container where the detachable parts of your oven will soak for a period of time which will dissolve any accumulated food leftovers and carbon deposits. 

  • The service starts with an inspection of the cooker before the cleaning takes place. This way, the technicians will be able to determine what would be the right approach and how much work will be necessary to restore the appliance to a great condition.
  • We will dismantle your oven and dip the detachable parts (such as trays, racks, control knobs, and so on) in a tank with a special sanitising solution.
  • While the parts are soaking, the technicians will diligently scrape off any accumulated grease and grime from the cooker by using specialised scrapers, stainless steel scouring pads, sponges, and other specialised cleaning products.
  • Finally, when all parts of the cooker are perfectly clean and dry, we will assemble your kitchen appliance. Once this is done, your cooker is ready for use right away.


 Small single oven £40

 Large single oven £45

 Double oven £55

 Hobs and grills £15, electric hobs £5

 All oven clean include Extractor and filter clean


 NOTE, Aftermarket tin trays cannot be cleaned due to the coating