Kills viruses, bacteria, mould, spores, germs, 100%

Bio Fogging offers unrivalled experience and expertise when it comes to protecting its customer's businesses or home from the outbreak and spread of infections like Influenza, Meningitis, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus, Ecoli and most Pathogens known to human.

The knowledge we have on how infectious pathogens spread has allowed us to develop a system that cleanses all hard surfaces, soft fabrics and the air within your home or business premises. This is the most comprehensive infection control system on the market today.


BIO-FOGGING has been proven to be the most powerful weapon against infections.

BIO-FOGGING solution will kill all known micro-organisms. Thats kill all known viruses and bacteria, spores (including C. diff spores) & mould.

BIO-FOGGING can not only kill, but also cleans, providing save, effective cleaning and disinfection in 1 step.

BIO-FOGGING has been independently proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores. So from the moment you use it, you can rest assured that microbials are never coming back.


2 types of fogging machines, Thermo and ULV.

ULV, ultra low volume foggers that uses compressed air and produces 15-20 micron droplets which requires aiming at specific affected areas to destroy pathogens and germs. Shorter return time and does not require ventilations, ie windows.

Thermo fogger produces thick dense fog. It is in the form of a finer mist, 5 micron droplets that is as thin as air. They are so small that they linger and remain in the air long enough to kill airborne viral and bacterial contamination.  Better coverage but requires ventilation for fog to disperse out to the opening.

We are one of the very few or maybe only company around that provide both of the above options. We will use the suitable machine depending on the environment.


DEFRA approved & recognised by the HPA

As regularly used in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor Surgeries, Care Homes, Schools etc



BIO-FOGGING destroys spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses and fungi

BIO-FOGGING is safe around fabrics, furniture and electrical equipment

BIO-FOGGING cleans and disinfects in 1-step


BIO-FOGGING is 100% biodegradable


BIO-FOGGING is CE marked as a medical device (CE 0120)


BIO-FOGGING is safe for use in food environments - non-tainting, odourless and meets ISO 4120


BIO-FOGGING is non-hazardous to human health - is neither a known or suspected carcinogen, Glutaraldehyde and Aldehyde free


BIO-FOGGING is hypo-allergenic and lanolin free


BIO-FOGGING is non-flammable and non-irritant


BIO-FOGGING is non-corrosive and does not affect plastics or rubbers


BIO-FOGGING eliminates mould and most types of odours



Please inform us if the premises or property you reckon is infected as we have to wear heavier PPE. Thank you


From £25 per room including santising spray and wipe down of all contact surfaces. Our techniques, knowledge and products can kill all Pathogens on all surfaces 100%