Kills bacteria, mould, spores, germs, 100%


Bio Fogging is in the form of a fine mist that is as thin as air which eliminates all pathogens in places that often can not be reached by conventional cleaning. They are so small that they can remain in the air long enough to kill airbourne viral and bacterial contamination. These include ceilings, walls, floors, carpets, soft fabrics, hard surfaces and every nook and cranny which are otherwise inaccessible. The fogging leaves everything totally free of pathogens but also 'freshened' and ready for use.


BIO-FOGGING has been proven to be the most powerful weapon against infections. BIO-FOGGING solution will kill ALL known micro-organisms. Thats kill ALL known viruses and bacteria, spores (including C. diff spores) & mold. BIO-FOGGING can not only kill, but also cleans, providing save, effective cleaning and disinfection in 1 step. BIO-FOGGING has been independently proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores.  So from the moment you use it, you can rest assured that microbials are never coming back.


DEFRA approved & recognised by the HPA

As regularly used in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor Surgeries, Care Homes, Schools etc


BIO-FOGGING most technological cost effective safe solution to control all pathogenic organisms known to man.


Product Features


BIO-FOGGING destroys spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses and fungi

BIO-FOGGING is safe around electrical equipment

BIO-FOGGING cleans and disinfects in 1-step


BIO-FOGGING is 100% biodegradable


BIO-FOGGING is CE marked as a medical device (CE 0120)


BIO-FOGGING is safe for use in food environments - non-tainting, odourless and meets ISO 4120


BIO-FOGGING is non-hazardous to human health - is neither a known or suspected carcinogen, Glutaraldehyde and Aldehyde free


BIO-FOGGING is hypo-allergenic and lanolin free


BIO-FOGGING is non-flammable and non-irritant


BIO-FOGGING is non-corrosive and does not affect plastics or rubbers


BIO-FOGGING eliminates mould and most types of odours


If your home has a bad damp odour smell, musty old house smell pet odour, as well as Tobacco smell that won't go away or rooms with black mould, this procedure will surely solves the problems. (Please note, it will not remove the black mould but it will kill 100% and prevent it from returning)

DATA SHEET can be sent to your email upon request


Prices start from £40 for full house treatment